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Frequently Asked Questions

20 hours per year. CME hours must be from birth month of previous year through birth month of current year. Starting January 1, 2013, 50% of CME hours must be Category 1 and in the physician's primary area of practice.

The time that it takes to get a license depends on the individual's application file. Usually it is a minimum of six weeks for a resident, and can take several months if a physician has been in practice for many years, or if the applicant is an international medical graduate.

Any Arkansas licensee whose license has been expired for three years or more, will be required to reapply for reinstatement of their license. The process will be the same as applying for a full license, however any verifications in the original license file that can be reused will. The reinstated license will be considered as the full Board meets. The reinstatement applicant can also apply for a temporary license.

In certain cases, some applicants will be required to appear. Education License and Education License Renewals; applicants with settled or pending malpractice cases; disciplinary or derogatory history; impairments; criminal history, etc., would require an appearance before the Board.