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Program Information

The Colorado Medical Board (CMB) was instituted as part of the Medical Practice Act for the purpose of regulating and controlling the practice of healing arts, which include establishing and enforcing the licensing standards for Medical Doctors (M.D.s), Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.s), Physician Assistants (P.A.s), and Anesthesiology Assistants (A.A.s). Licensure is mandatory to practice medicine in Colorado or to treat Colorado patients. Exceptions exist for the Veterans Administration, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Department of Defense physicians and other licensed healthcare providers. Please review the Medical Practice Act for additional information regarding exceptions.

The CMB investigates the unlicensed practice of medicine; however, it does not have authority to arbitrate or adjudicate fee disputes. The decisions made by the CMB are not subject to administrative review.

The CMB is a Type I Board, which means that it is policy autonomous and comprised of professional and public members (eight M.D.s, three D.O.s, one P.A., and four public members).

Medical Professional FAQs

It takes approximately 8-10 weeks after submitting the application. The time will vary depending upon how extensive the past work history is; how many licenses are held in other states, territories, districts or countries; and if any convictions or malpractice claims are reported. Please allow the Board time for processing. You can speed the process by making sure you have read and followed directions, and submitted all supporting documents to the Board as quickly as possible, in accordance to the directions set forth in the application packet.

The Board accepts only originals of the application, the NPDB-HIPDB report, exam scores, and the report of practice history form.

If you are applying for original license, begin your history with your internship and continue through to the present. Account for all time in between. If you are applying to reinstate an expired license or reactivate an inactive license, you need only supply history for the most recent two (2) years.

If you are applying for original license, the beginning and ending dates of your employment as well as an assessment of the quality of your work for the most recent five years of practice history. If you are applying to reinstate an expired license or reactivate an inactive license, you need only supply verification for the most recent two (2) years.

Yes, if you are a first-time applicant to the State of Colorado. If you are applying for reinstatement of an expired license or reactivation of an inactive license, you only need to provide this information from those states in which you hold an active license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Colorado does not currently have any continuing medical education requirements for licensure.